Tour des Chutes is possible because of our generous community of sponsors, donors, participants and volunteers. The funds raised directly support cancer survivors in our Central Oregon community. In 2017 alone we raised over $120,000 that continues to support both existing and new programs.

“If you’ve been affected by cancer and you live in Central Oregon, we want to help you thrive. For some, this means getting to their appointments without having to worry about money for gas and basic needs. For others, it’s about getting their energy back through exercise classes. When life feels like it’s been turned upside-down by a cancer diagnosis, knowing that such seemingly simple things are taken care of can provide a person with a much-needed sense of normalcy and control.”

~ Gary Bonacker, Tour des Chutes founder

Tour des Chutes works hard to ensure we are making the highest and best use of donated funds.  We give to programs that:

  • Positively impact a large number of people with cancer in Central Oregon
  • Fund non-medical basic needs for those who require the most assistance
  • Fund programs that effectively engage people in relationships, community, and social networks

These programs include:

St. Charles Cancer Center and Cancer Survivorship Program

The St. Charles Cancer Treatment Center provides survivorship programs and non-medical basic needs. Survivorship programs include social/support groups, education, recreation, integrative therapies, and Soaring Spirits Summer Camp for Cancer Survivors and their families.  Non-medical basic needs include funds for food, gas cards, utilities, and prosthetics.  These programs are estimated to support more than 5,000 people.

Pediatric Foundation

The Pediatric Foundation is devoted to Central Oregon children with cancer and their families who must travel long distances to receive necessary surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and bone marrow transplants.

Your contribution directly supports these families with their travel expenses and has an direct impact on their ability to care for their child.

New Community Programs & Opportunities

In 2017, Tour des Chutes significantly expanded our giving program in order to provide greater access to programs and resources that help improve the lives of those affected by cancer in our community. This has been accomplished through cultivating partnerships with Bend Memorial Clinic (BMC), Mosaic Medical, Bend Park and Recreation District (BPRD), and the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute. The result of these partnerships includes:

  • Free access to BPRD facilities and classes designed to enhance both mind and body. Vouchers for this programming can be obtained through St. Charles, BMC and Mosaic Medical. Additionally, Tour des Chutes funded classes are listed in BPRD’s seasonal “Playbook.”
  • Funding of non-medical basic needs (i.e., food, gas) through St. Charles, BMC and Mosaic Medical.
  • Support for Central Oregonians and their families who must travel to OHSU Knight Cancer Institute in Portland for treatment. This support includes covering gas and lodging expenses, in addition to out-of-pocket prescription drug costs.
  • Free access to integrative therapies such as massage, acupuncture and Reiki through a new voucher program. Vouchers can be accessed through providers at St. Charles, BMC and Mosaic Medical.

Tour des Chutes also reserves funds each year for urgent/critical needs.

The Following Contacts can help you or a loved one access programs and resources to help those with cancer thrive in Central Oregon:
  1. Teresa Braden, BMC – 541-706-5492
  2. Angela Saraceno, Mosaic – 541-323-3860
  3. Rich Kelly, St. Charles Health System – 541-706-6723
  4. Tina Johnson, OHSU Knight Cancer Institute – 503-346-4279

Join us in our mission to support cancer survivors by clicking here to register for our Bike Ride or 5K Run/Walk. If you’d like to make a donation, please click here. Thank you for your support.