Tour des Chutes features road cycling routes of 7, 25, 50, 75, and 100 miles. Each route features safety riders, aid stations/rest stops, mobile bike mechanics and plenty of breathtaking views of the high desert landscape. We ask that all of our participants know and practice the rules of the road, as we do not control traffic or close any roads during the event. Our permits are very much dependent on this, and your safety is as well!

All routes begin and end at the main event venue, Pacific Crest Middle School.

Know your abilities and limitations. It’s ok to challenge yourself, just be realistic.  Don’t pick the Century if your longest training ride is 25 miles.

Please note: the 75 and 100 mile rides also include a gear drop at the Alpaca Farm Aid Station. All gear dropped at that location will be returned to the venue by 12:30 p.m.

Course Marking

  • Course maps and cue sheets are available on-line or at registration.  Print or pick one up, get familiar with your chosen route, and refer to it often.
  • All routes are marked by arrows, and color varies with each route.  Make a note of your route’s arrow color.
  • Turns are marked on the road with 2 arrows before and 1 arrow after each directional change.
  • Please be attentive and FOLLOW THE  ARROWS!  Don’t automatically follow the cyclist in front of you…they might be out for a completely different ride!
  • You will also see directional yellow TdC signs on the course.  These SUPPLEMENT the arrows, but don’t replace them!

100-mile route

Our century route uses 18 miles of the Sisters-Smith Rock State Scenic Bikeway, and winds through diverse terrain across mostly low traffic, rural roads. Though the terrain may at first seem gentle, this is a harder century ride than many people anticipate. If you cannot average at least 15 mph on the flats, we suggest you consider the 75-mile route instead. Follow the WHITE arrows on the road.

The century ride begins at 6:00 a.m. Click here for the route map and details: TdC 100 Mile Map

75-mile route

This route uses 18 miles of the Sisters-Smith Rock State Scenic Bikeway, in addition to meandering through sweeping views of the Cascades and agricultural lands throughout Central Oregon.   While the majority of the course does utilize low traffic rural roads, there is one 2.5-mile section of heavily traveled Hwy 20. Use caution and ride single file! Follow the WHITE arrows on the road.

The 75-mile ride begins at 7:00 a.m. Click here for the route map and details: TdC 75 Mile Map

50-mile route

This route uses a majority of the State Scenic Bikeway Twin Bridges Loop, and includes fast rolling terrain with terrific mountain views. Be sure to take a break at the route’s halfway point, the Cline Falls aid station, and enjoy the peaceful pause to catch your breath. Follow the BLUE arrows on the road.

The 50-mile ride begins at 7:45 a.m. Click here for the route map and details: TdC 50 Mile Map

34-mile gravel route

This 34 mile out-and-back route features rugged terrain and breathtaking views. Riders begin by heading west on Skyliners Rd for just under two miles (the only non-gravel section of the ride) before turning north onto NF-4606. After a drop to cross Tumalo Creek the route travels mostly uphill going north, and follows along mostly smooth stable gravel to the first aid station at just over 9 miles from the start. A mix of pine forest with the occasional patch of old Juniper should keep things cool, and peekaboo views of the Cascades will keep the rider motivated. The route ends with an epic view of North and Middle Sister and our second aid station before turning back to the venue.

Please note that while the roads are generally in good condition, there are some patches of loose material and some bumpy descents. This route has a couple of challenging climbs, and less experienced riders may enjoy just riding out to the first aid station and then return to the venue.

The gravel ride begins at 8:15 a.m. Click here for the route map and details: TdC Gravel Route

25-mile route

The route heads out towards Shevlin Park on wide-shouldered Shevlin Park Road.  After a quick climb out of the canyon, the route passes through Juniper and Pine forests before giving way to agricultural land and great Cascade views.  After a refreshing pause at the Tumalo rest stop, its a climb back to Bend and the Post Ride Party. Follow the ORANGE arrows on the road.

The 25-mile ride begins at 9:00 a.m. Click here for the route map and details: TdC 25 Mile Map

7-mile route

This is a family-friendly loop through the Broken Top neighborhood in Bend, suitable for almost anyone! The route travels to Broken Top out along Skyline Ranch Rd, then loops through on paved paths before looping its way back to the venue.  Safety riders follow to ensure no rider is left behind. This event really is for everyone! Our youngest solo rider was 4 years old, and the oldest was 92!

The 7-mile ride begins at 9:45 a.m. Click here for the route map and details: TdC 7-Mile Map