Several years ago, Chuck said he started to have a dull stomach pain. “It wasn’t that bad, it just felt like I’d eaten something wrong.” The pain wasn’t alarming, and it was so intermittent that he didn’t bother to bring it up with his physician when he’d get his yearly physical. The relatively mild symptoms […]

My name is Anne Linton and I am a retired physician as well as a safety rider for the Tour des Chutes. At the 2017 edition of the Tour, I came across my husband standing alongside his bike halfway up Johnson Rd hill and little did we know our lives were going to change once again.  Tim, […]

Gravel bike routes to use for the Tour des Chutes – By Gravel Girl (Linda English) from Dirty Freehub My husband and I created Dirty Freehub ( to share all our secret gravel bike routes. We love gravel cycling because we ride on all sorts of terrain, escaping the cars and the people. We have […]

Mosaic Medical is the largest community health center in the region that provides primary care, behavioral health and social service support to those in Crook, Deschutes and Jefferson counties. Over half of the patients we serve qualify for OHP and a cancer diagnosis is something that would be detrimental to a patient’s ability to provide […]

This year we were fortunate to partner with Jon Marro, a professional artist who has worked with Dave Matthews Band, Jason Mraz, Tom’s Shoe Company, and more, to create unique, powerful art. For 2020, Jon designed our jersey, cotton t-shirt, technical trucker hat, and cycling sleeves. We had a chance to ask him about working […]