Several years ago, Chuck said he started to have a dull stomach pain. “It wasn’t that bad, it just felt like I’d eaten something wrong.” The pain wasn’t alarming, and it was so intermittent that he didn’t bother to bring it up with his physician when he’d get his yearly physical. The relatively mild symptoms […]

Mosaic Medical is the largest community health center in the region that provides primary care, behavioral health and social service support to those in Crook, Deschutes and Jefferson counties. Over half of the patients we serve qualify for OHP and a cancer diagnosis is something that would be detrimental to a patient’s ability to provide […]

Many individuals who are diagnosed with cancer must have other medical procedures done prior to being able to begin cancer treatment. Often, these procedures aren’t covered by insurance. Tour des Chutes emergency funds can help bridge this gap, as they did in Kim’s story below:   I have so much to be thankful for I scarcely […]

Tour des Chutes board member and brain tumor survivor, Dillon Caldwell, shared this heartfelt anniversary remembrance with us and we felt the need to pass it on. A very important anniversary of mine passed last week in quiet. It’s hard to imagine how quickly and how far my life has rebounded in the past two years. […]

Thom Pastor is the husband of breast cancer survivor and last week’s TdC survivor highlight subject, Krista. Thom has been an active part of the Bend cycling community for quite some time, and has made a point of being an active supporter of the TdC in the past few years. In 2013, Thom (a professional […]

Krista Pastor is a local breast cancer survivor (diagnosed on 5/23/12). We’ve known her and her husband, Thom, for several years now as active supporters of the TdC and avid cyclists. In her own words, Krista generously recounts some of her journey and how she has directly benefitted from this great event and the St. Charles community programs we […]