Mosaic Medical is the largest community health center in the region that provides primary care, behavioral health and social service support to those in Crook, Deschutes and Jefferson counties. Over half of the patients we serve qualify for OHP and a cancer diagnosis is something that would be detrimental to a patient’s ability to provide for their family if it wasn’t for the funds raised by Tour Des Chutes.

Over the last two years, we’ve been able to financially support 48 patients across the region as they embark on their cancer journey with the dollars TdC contributed to the organization.  We were able to purchase a generator during winter months to keep a homeless man warm in Prineville, purchase new tires and brakes for a woman who was near the end of her life to keep fighting her cancer diagnosis, and provide financial support for a family to keep some sort of normalcy during treatment, like we did for Kathy and her daughter.

Kathy was struggling to make ends meet for herself and her daughter prior to receiving the news that she had stage two breast cancer. She would pick up extra shifts when they were available at her office, but as her energy level decreased due to her illness, so did the ability to pay her bills on time.

Kathy’s anxiety increased when she had to take more time off work due to the exhaustion from her treatments, surgery, and mounting appointments. With pressure looming, Kathy’s doctor suggested she reach out to the community health worker at her clinic to see if he could help. He was able to leverage $800 of Tour des Chutes funds to help Kathy make ends meet during this difficult time.

These funds were used to keep the lights on when she got behind on her power bill, gas in her car to get to St. Charles for her appointments, her phone turned on, and frozen meals following her surgery that she could easily grab and heat it up for her and her daughter to enjoy.

The Tour des Chutes funds reduced her level of fear and anxiety around her diagnosis and helped her focus on getting to her appointments and healing. It eliminated the extra stress and worry about how she was going to pay for things at home and care for her daughter. Kathy has expressed her thanks multiple times for the help that Mosaic was able to bring through the Tour des Chutes program.

Please keep Kathy, and hundreds of others who have benefited from Tour des Chutes support at Mosaic Medical, St. Charles Cancer Center, Summit/BMC and OHSU when you walk, run, or ride. Thank you.

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