Over the years, we hear a lot of stories about why people ride Tour des Chutes. On the eve of our 16th annual event, and because we cannot come together tomorrow, here are some of those voices:

I ride for my dad who lost his battle and for others who continue to fight, such as Gary (Bonacker). Not to mention a great cause with great people and to be thankful for each moment I get to live my life with those who matter most.



Originally, we rode because we knew it would help fund the St Charles Survivorship Program…Once we met Gary (Bonacker), it was obviously much more. Now we ride for Gary, my mother, my father, loved ones, and all those affected by this terrible disease. My family looks forward to TdC each July…see you soon!



Cancer has touched me in so many ways. I’ve lost my mother and younger brother to cancer. I have friends who either struggle with it themselves, or have family members who are. No matter where you turn, you cannot escape the insidiousness of this disease. So I ride in honor of my mom and brother; I ride in support of my friends who’ve also been touched by cancer; and I ride for the myriad of others who are surviving!



I ride because I can make a difference. Biking is my soul because of this ride. It was my first ever organized ride about 5 or 6 years ago and it is the motivation to get on my bike each spring.



Please share your stories with us, and email tdeschutes@gmail.com with why you ride.


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