This year we were fortunate to partner with Jon Marro, a professional artist who has worked with Dave Matthews Band, Jason Mraz, Tom’s Shoe Company, and more, to create unique, powerful art. For 2020, Jon designed our jersey, cotton t-shirt, technical trucker hat, and cycling sleeves. We had a chance to ask him about working with Tour des Chutes, and what community means to him.
Tour des Chutes (TdC): What interested you initially in this project?

Jon Marro (JM): I have a dear friend who lived in Bend and has participated in this event for many years. Bend is such an incredible town nested in Nature and with many of its residents who live there to be steeped in Nature. I’ve always loved the outdoors, charitable causes – so when those come together and being invited to create a color uniform around it –  was an immediate “YES!”

TdC: Can you tell us about the design – how did you come up with it?

JM: I’m always interested in the inner worlds of every client I collaborate with. I always try to illustrate the “soul” of a project not just the “face” of it. This event I know is a physical journey through the mountains and valleys but also an inner journey to raise awareness for cancer patients. There’s real heart behind it – those suffering, those who have survived and those who have past on. I wanted to create something beautiful and colorful that spoke to the multi-layered landscapes of all those participating in the event. The hopeful horizons, the community, the psychology of cycling and the compassionate cradling of nature.

Jon Marro Swag

TdC: Can you tell us about some of your other work? I know you’ve published some children’s books.

JM: I am a bit of a renaissance man. As an artist and creative director who primarily works in the health and wellness and entertainments worlds. I’ve been blessed to work with clients such as as Jason Mraz, Dave Matthews, Maroon 5, Madonna, TOMS Shoes, Whole Foods Market, Cafe Gratitude, MTV, CBS, and even His Holiness the Dalai Lama. I am also an Author, Philosopher, Filmmaker and Mystic who writes and illustrates colorful stories for the creative child within each of us. I love weaving whimsical worlds with love, respect and reverence, and invites everyone to play and participate within them.

TdC: What does community mean to you?

JM: Community is connection embodied. An opportunity to see ourselves in each other, hold space for one another to grow, heal and create the world our hearts know is possible. Or as I like to say: There’s both “you” and “i” in “community.”


You can learn more about Jon Marro and his art on his website:

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