Krista Pastor is a local breast cancer survivor (diagnosed on 5/23/12). We’ve known her and her husband, Thom, for several years now as active supporters of the TdC and avid cyclists. In her own words, Krista generously recounts some of her journey and how she has directly benefitted from this great event and the St. Charles community programs we support. We also find the Pastor family’s story inspiring in that they were both so willing to share how they each tackled this new reality in their lives, together. Because cancer is such an engrossing, enveloping disease, it not only hits those of us who are admitted to cancer care regimens. Rather, our entire families are diagnosed on day one, and how we handle this diagnosis together makes perhaps the most difference of all. Thank you Krista and Thom for sharing your journey. We are so happy to have you both riding with us, and thriving, again.

“My first Tour des Chutes was 2012. This was a month and half after my breast cancer diagnosis, and 3 weeks after my bilateral mastectomy before starting chemotherapy. My husband Thom rode the century ride and I came to observe the atmosphere and watch my husband cross the finish line in my honor. That year I was too weak to ride but vowed I would the next year. I have participated in riding in the 2013 and 2014 TdC events.I ride because I can, because I am alive. I ride for my fellow survivors too. I ride for my best friends daughter, my cousin, my aunt, and my ‘Nanny.’ The support, love, and generosity that TdC gives to the function itself, our community, and to St. Charles and every survivor is amazing and is my favorite part of the TdC. The support system that St. Charles is able to offer survivors in central Oregon is priceless. TdC directly [and solely] funds these necessary support systems.

I have benefited directly from the generosity of the TdC. During cancer treatment I was able to connect with survivors at the Defeat Cancer dinner and learned how to find help managing long term pain management. During cancer treatment I was able to receive meals at the Defeat cancer dinners. The Defeat cancer is where I learned about the support treatments like massage, Reiki, acupuncture, and education. Without the support I felt lost, confused, I was in pain, and felt alone. TdC directly funded support I desperately needed. One particular Reiki session I arrived defeated inside, ready to give up, but the love, support and treatment received on just that one particular day raised my spirits and helped me to continue on.

As a mother, wife, and employee, 33 is too young to stop having duties to tend to daily.  TdC and its generosity to the support services helped me to continue to work through treatment and be more present for my family.

There is a difference between surviving each day and living each day during and after cancer. TdC absolutely created a way to help me ‘live.'”

-Krista Pastor
  1. Tamara Vince says:

    I am so proud of my friend Krista Pastor! When she got diagnosed with Breast cancer her world got turned upside down to say the least! Tho one of her most challenging chapters in her life, Krista never have up! I’m so proud to call you my friend! I’m so thankful that you are cancer free! I love you!

  2. Hi Krista! So good to read your story. I have known you and Thom for awhile and knew you were a survivor but did not or was trying to not know the details as cancer had visited me once 19 years ago as well, to scared I guess. But now I am facing it again, stage 3, very aggressive breast cancer. I have had a mastectomy and am currently undergoing chemo. This time I fight like hell, with eyes wide open, to conquer this disease for the final time. I will be riding the Tour des Chutes and I really hope I can ride some of it with you and Thom, it would be such an honor. Be well and nothing without joy!

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