Welcome to the our first Tour des Chutes newsletter.

First, I want thank you for your support in the 2008 Tour des Chutes (TdC). We raised $80,000 in 2008. An amazing amount of money from people who care about cancer survivorship and cancer research. Thank you from the TdC, Cancer Survivorship Program at St. Charles and the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

This years TdC will be on July 18. Check our website  www. tourdeschutes.org for more details. The 2009 TdC planning is already under way. The post ride party will be better than ever! More live entertainment, awesome raffle package’s, improved lunch menu and an expanded vendor village. We are also working on a few new courses.

Please check out what our beneficiaries have been up to. The director of the Cancer Survivorship Program at St. Charles, Beth Larsen is doing an amazing job and the Lance Armstrong Foundation continues to help with all of cancers aspects, education, advocacy, research and survivorship. We are proud to be associated with these two organizations.

As I write this letter it is snowing outside. Changing of the seasons. See you all in July.

Livestrong and take care,

Gary Bonacker (founder of the Tour des Chutes)